Examples of projects involving the Trust

NEW Sustainable Earth Lab Science Kit
for 10 years old and upwards.
Generated much interest at the Trust New Orleans RI Convention booth.
Great prize for a Rotary Club Award to Young People, or to introduce the principles of Sustainability to classroom teaching, or for a thoughtful gift.

Solar Cookers for South African Townships - 2010.

Nidderdale, North Yorkshire, Re-forestation.

Integrated Solar Cooking

The Standby Saver (UK only)

String Bags: A perfect Club project.
One million plastic shopping bags are used world-wide every MINUTE, all made from oil..!
  • Now your Club can provide a sustainable alternative.
  • Check out our special offer string bags that can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Your Club can set the right community example AND make some funds.
  • Click HERE for the special String Bag offer
  • Click HERE for facts about String v Plastic for shopping
  • Devise a Club String Bag project and let us know what you did.

Example of Sustainability Principles in Business

NEW Sustainability E-Booklet.
A guide for the un-guided. Stand out from the crowd, make your own decisions, learn the facts.
Click here to view the Sustainability Booklet.

Examples of Rotary Club and District projects

NEW Bikes 4 Africa
A Rotary International of Britain and Ireland (RIBI) project that refurbishes donated second-hand bikes and delivers them from the UK to African schools. Go HERE for details and contact with Rotary District 1010 (North-east Scotland), which promotes the project on its website

The first delivery went to The Gambia and others have gone to many parts of Africa.

NEW Club Sustainable Projects List from Lisbon Convention 2013
This list of 35 projects was collected on The Sustainability Trust booth at the Lisbon RI Convention. It contains many ideas that might inspire other Clubs to carry out similar programs. It also contains projects seeking help and support from other Clubs, so there are some shovel-ready projects for your Club to get involved with.
Click here for the full list.

NEW Melkbos Rotary School Bus, Cape Town
The new Melkbos High School opened its doors for the first time in April 2012. It is the only government high school in the area that offers both English and Afrikaans medium instruction so is favoured by families who cannot afford to send their children to private schools in the area or to government schools further afield. Currently the school has new buildings but with basic facilities.

Melkbos Rotary Club just celebrated its tenth anniversary and has become known as a small club that is unafraid to tackle taxing projects. It has decided to step in and raise funds for a 15 seat school bus that will make all the difference to the learners lives. The budget for the bus is R 300,000. Melkbos Rotary is thus challenging Rotary clubs throughout the world to fund ONE seat on the school bus, R 20,000, (or £1,500, US$ 2,500, €1,900).
Click here for a detailed report.

NEW Rotary Club of Limbe, Malawi is seeking a partner Club or District to apply for a Global Grant to create a role-model village in Mwanyama village, Nkhudzi Bay, Mangochi, Malawi
It includes
  1. Income Generate Activity through farming and livestock
  2. Water for irrigation
  3. Treated water for drinking cooking etc
  4. Health Center
Click here for details and project report.

NEW Mt Kilimanjaro Re-forestation Grant Presentation.
At a presentation at Sheffield Rotary Club, on 4th February 2013, The Sustainability Trust awarded a grant of US$1,000 (£625) to Rombo Mkuu Rotary Club, via UK-based charity Sustainable Global Gardens, for a competition in which 25 schools will each plant 1,000 trees in the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro.
Click here to download the report.

Mt Kilimanjaro Re-forestation Report - Summary Version.
This 2-page summary explains the huge project benefits for glacier protection, the environment and the local economy in this part of Tanzania. The Sustainability Trust has established a partnership with local Tanzanian Rotary Clubs and the UK development charity ‘Sustainable Global Gardens’ to implement a major tree-planting & forest restoration project in Kilimanjaro Region. We appeal for your Club’s support. Our target is to raise £4,000 = US $6,000.
Click here for details and project report.

Climate Week.
Your Club can help create a massive movement for change by making Climate Week happen where you are. Get your Rotary Club to organise an event or encourage other community groups and/or local schools to run an event during Climate Week – March 12-18 2012. Pick up LOTS OF GOOD IDEAS from this Sustainability Trust website!
Click here to download the project sheet.

Plant trees during the Jubilee year.
Individual trees, small copses, traditional hedgerows and tranquil woodland are important features in Britain’s villages, towns and cities.
This spring, the Woodland Trust is offering FREE packs of trees to schools and community groups in the RIBI area, as part of a big vision to see 6 million trees planted during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year. February 2012 starts the year with an ambition to plant 1 million trees during the month the Queen came to the throne, creating a lasting legacy for generations today and in the future. In celebration, each tree pack contains a Royal sapling which will grow into a mighty commemorative oak. APPLY TODAY for your FREE Club Tree Pack. Click here for the full details.
Click here to download the project sheet.

Rotary Club of Santo André-Norte, in the São Paulo Area, Brazil has created quite a following on LinkedIn, the business connecting website.
Club President Atila Bru offered to dedicate free-of-charge each of 900 trees the Club is planting, in the name of a Rotary Club notified to him through LinkedIn. A plaque named for the Club will be attached to each tree.
Club members from all over the world have sent messages asking for a tree to be named for their Club.
Click here to download the project sheet.

'Green Plus' from Rotary District 5130
This is the PERFECT model for an easy-to-follow Club Carbon Reduction project.
Calistoga Rotary Club in D.5130 has done all the work to design and set out how each Club member can live more sustainability, save money and leave a fair legacy to the generations that follow us.

Treemission Launched

Days of Change
A Carbon Calculating and Money-Saving Project originated by Rotary Club of Perth.

Close the Doors
A Local Store Energy Campaign in East Hampton, New York, by The Sustainability Trust
Click here to see the letter from the Trust to the Village Mayor asking that local shops be made to close their doors to retain summer air-conditioning and winter heat.
Your Rotary Club could adapt this letter for local use.

The Babylon Project
Grow Food Efficiently, a project by Rochdale Rotary Club, D.1280, England
Growing vertically where resources are at a premium.
Click here to visit the website link.

Understanding Climate Change Ltd
A non-profit corporation established by Mission Valley Rotary Club, D.5430 California.
A great source of information specifically for Rotarians that explains climate science in easy-to-understand terms. Headings include:
  • How are we changing the climate?
  • What are some potential consequences?
  • What can we do?
  • How strong is the evidence?
Click here to visit the website.

Your Green Future
A Conference Organised with Rotary District 1100 Support.
Click here to download the project sheet.

The Monarch Sister Schools Program (MSSP) - Butterfly Protection for Declining Species
An initiative to involve school children in relevant parts of North America in the protection and restoration of the habitat of the Monarch butterfly.
It is supported by the Rotary Clubs of Baltimore City (MD), College Park (MD), and Washington, DC.
Click here to download the project sheet.